Why Is Event Lighting Important?
Planning a special event – whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, birthday party, or work conference – can be an incredibly long and stressful process. You have to think about the food, the drinks, the guest list, the music, the schedule, the décor, and so much more. Your to-do list may feel endless, and the thought of adding something else to it might send you into a panic. However, it’s vital that you don’t forget about lighting.
It might seem like a little thing, but lighting can make or break your event. Lighting sets the mood, tells people where to go, and determines what activities people will be comfortable doing. No one wants to dance the night away under bright fluorescent lights or try to pay attention to an important speaker at a conference filled with flickering candles.

To choose the perfect lighting for your special event, the first thing you need to do is visit your venue beforehand. Make sure to go as close as possible to the time that the actual event is taking place, so you can see how natural light enters the space. Then, decide how much supplemental lighting you need and what you want the feel of the event to be