While the Highland Lakes inched their way up in storage capacity after welcome weekend rains of a half inch to more than 2 inches in some areas, meteorologists are pointing to a high chance of wet winter conditions.
Joe Arellano Jr., Meteorologist In Charge at the National Weather Service Austin/San Antonio, said there is a 70 percent chance that El Nino will develop later this summer.
“Normally what it does is it decreases hurricane formations in the Caribbean and in the winter time it produces more rain, so it’s a benefit to us mainly in the winter,” he said.
Arellano said there is no certainty that El Nino will alleviate drought conditions in Central Texas.
“It’s hard to say this far out. We still need several inches of rain to get us out of drought conditions,” he said. “I’m not sure how much of a deficit or surplus we will be in.”
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