A series of rainfall events since the Memorial Day holiday weekend has caused a welcomed increase of water in the Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis reservoirs, but LCRA officials still are bracing for and largely expecting a looming hot and dry summer to leave the lakes at record low levels by August.
In the days before the holiday, the combined storage in the reservoirs dropped to 706,000 acre feet, which was more than 90,000 acre feet less than at the same time last year when they ultimately dropped to approximately 631,000 before late summer rains came.
The Memorial Day holiday rains and periodic showers and storms since in the Colorado River’s upper basin watershed have pushed the amount of water in the reservoirs to approximately 790,000, 39 percent of capacity, as of Monday morning.
The runoff and inflows from rains Monday morning could push the storage back above 800,000 acre feet.
That’s all good news, but Highland Lakes residents shouldn’t fall victim to a false sense of security, Lower Colorado River Authority board of directors chairman Tim Timmerman, wrote Monday in op-ed piece distributed to news organizations.
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