At its regular meeting Thursday night, the Cottonwood Shores city council took back its previous vote of no confidence in the small town’s volunteer fire department. The council chambers were standing-room only, filled with at least ten volunteer firefighters, fire chief Heather Hyslop and assistant chief Travis Hockensmith.
The vote to rescind the vote of no confidence that had been taken at the last city council meeting May 15 passed unanimously. Mayor pro tem Stephen Sherry, Tony Satsky, Marley Porter and Roger Wayson all agreed to restore confidence in the fire department until October, when the fiscal year ends.
“Obviously, tonight’s vote is good, but their initial vote of no confidence was made in ignorance,” Hyslop said Thursday. “The council is not knowledgeable enough about fire protection issues to make a call on our capabilities.”
“I don’t blame the council for having concerns, they’re the same concerns I have,” she continued.
Hockensmith and Hyslop presented an extensive, point-by-point answer to the council’s stated concerns.
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