Another school year is winding down. The Elementary Schools and the Junior High are almost done with their STAAR testing and the High School students are only a couple of weeks away from their End-of-Course exams. It is a time to both look back at the wonderful work the staff and students of LISD accomplished during the 2013-2014 school year, and look ahead to the work that remains in 2014-2015.

Between now and the end of school on May 30, parents and community members will have multiple opportunities to celebrate the year’s successes with our students. Our younger students will be busy with field trips, reading celebrations, and end-of-the-year parties. Our older students will have banquets and celebrations honoring everything from athletics to academics. If you want to attend any of the activities or volunteer your time in our schools, please contact the campus offices.

While we are planning for next year, I want to remind students and parents that academic progress doesn’t have to stop during the summer. Something as simple as reading a book with your young children can keep their reading skills from regressing over the summer. Once your kids are old enough, there are a number of different websites that can provide educational games and activities to keep them progressing through almost any subject

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