By Art DlugachWhen you start going to football games in 1950, by the time 2014 appears, you sort of feel like you’ve seen it all: from two-and-a-half hour games ending 12-7—and the only replays being “two bits, four bits, six bits…”—to Texas A&M and Texas hosting Vanderbilt and BYU, but not each other.

That was until I learned of Pro Day. I first heard of it several years ago, and since I was, coincidentally, looking for another brand of shampoo, I thought it sounded pretty good.

What a surprise when I learned it’s not soap for the hair, but it is related to the head. It’s the brainless audition the NFL as it prepares for the May 8-10 draft. It makes American Idol seem like something sponsored by Carnegie Hall.

You know how this works, I’m sure. The players show up and go through some drills. It’s very much like a simulated Sunday in professional football.

The only things missing, for, let’s say, a quarterback, are: a uniform, pads, a helmet, and anyone shouting: “Snap it! The play-clock is running down!”

Also absent: a 180-or-305-pound linebacker rushing the QB

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