On May 18, 2014,  The International Club will present a program on the different cultures that from prehistoric times have formed what we call now the country of Mexico. It will be a program based on photographs, taken from different museums and private collections, showing different aspects from the many indigenous groups that settled in lower North and Central America, in what is now Mexico, all the way to Guatemala. As mentioned, photographs will be shown, with comments. Questions from the attending group will be welcomed. Some of the pictures will show photographs of ruins of original monuments, and of original sculptures , as well as actual drawings taken from books and museums. The exhibition will take the audience from prehistoric times to the 1800’s, all the way to the time before the Revolution that changed that area of land to what we call now the country of Mexico.

 The meeting will meet, as usual, at the POA building, at 12:30, for a light luncheon (provided by the visitors).  The program will start at 1 p.m., right after the luncheon

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