Learn now to save energy and money by using “Better Lights for Starry Nights.”

A dark night sky full of big bright stars is important here in the Hill Country, just like clean rivers, scenic vistas and natural landscapes. Little by little, light-by-light, the magical mystery of the Texas night sky is diminishing. But it’s not too late to reverse this trend. Directing lights downward, shielding and turning them off when not needed makes make a big difference.

Learn how you can do your part reduce light pollution. Bill Wren of the McDonald Observatory, known as the “ambassador of the night sky,” will share his expertise about simple strategies to protect starry skies. “It’s a ‘win-win’ situation” says Wren. “We can have effective, cost-efficient lighting without polluting the night sky.”

Four events will take place the week of May 12th – 16th in Fredericksburg, Llano, Marble Falls and at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

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