When sharing the facts of the 2014 LISD Bond Program at various locations around the school district, I am frequently asked this very question. Upon researching the subject, I found this statement from Northside ISD. “Just as homeowners borrow money in the form of a mortgage to finance the purchase of a home, a school district borrows money in the form of bonds to finance new schools and renovation projects. Both are repaid over time, but in order for a school district to sell bonds or borrow money, it must go to the voters for approval. By law, bond funds are not to be used to fund daily operating expenses or salaries. Bond funds may only be used for the projects described.”

Llano ISD is not only a one of a kind place to live, we are very unique in the school finance system as well. Llano ISD is considered a property wealthy district by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), or commonly known as a Robin Hood district. TEA requires Llano ISD to send approximately 50% of our school district taxes raised on the Maintenance and Operations ($1.04) side of our tax rate back to the agency for disbursement to other districts

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