By Art DlugachI have watched maybe two minutes of college hockey in my life—about the length of a power play. But, Saturday night, by accident, I saw that the NCAA championship game was on—the Frozen Four. Now that’s a moniker!

I digress: I heard a TV reporter say once, years and years ago, when he was visiting some town, he listened to sports talk on radio, because the city had no jazz station. Yeah, right, and he couldn’t find a documentary on “Shakespeare: The Early Years.”

No, I was hooked, because you gotta like a national title contest no matter the sport—chess, croquet, or curling. And, here’s the kicker: Union College of Schenectady, NY, was playing Minnesota. One of those schools I’ve heard of.

It’s not like McMurry vs. USC in football; it’s not so unusual for smaller colleges to compete real well in hockey, but I just had to sit, watch, and root for the Dutchmen—Division III in all sports but the one on the ice, where Union is D-I. Don’t you love that nickname?

The Golden Gophers jumped out to a 2-1 lead

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