By Terry DukesNo, no, I’m not talking about the line at the post office. I’m speaking of my favorite television program which airs on KLRU every Monday evening at 7 p.m., the real Antiques Roadshow that travels all around the United States, appraising items that may or may not be of value. It’s like The Price is Right of the antique world and I absolutely adore the program. Since Sky King is usually traveling on Mondays, I can watch as many episodes as I wish without having to escape to another room.

Antiques Roadshow is coming to the Palmer Events Center in Austin on June 28 and I have applied for a ticket, even though our grandchild is due that day. Really, what are the chances of the baby arriving while I’m standing in line at the Roadshow? Has a baby EVER arrived on the predicted day? (Please tell me no.) Prediction not withstanding, I took the liberty of photographing a Chinese chest that my son recently inherited from his grandmother, Miss Scarlet, and submitted it to Antiques Roadshow for filming on June 28.

“Ma, you did what?” asked my son

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