By Michele Shackelford, CouncilpersonThe Horseshoe Bay City Council met on Tuesday, April 15th. The Council received updates and took action on the following key issues:

I. FEMA Flood Plan Study: Good news! The FEMA technical review by the contracting engineer, URS, of the HSB Flood Plan Study and request for a Letter of Revision has been completed with a favorable recommendation for changes to the flood plain maps. Once the city publishes required notices in the local newspapers, the matter will be forwarded for the final FEMA in-house review. It is expected the final FEMA review should take 3-4 weeks to complete and then HSB should receive the revised flood plain maps. It was also reported that the City of HSB could issue building permits once those maps are received even though the public comment period will extend for 90 more days.

II. Llano ISD May 10 Bond Proposal: Ronnie Rudd, President of the Llano ISD School Board and Casey Callahan, Llano ISD Superintendent, highlighted the following facts concerning the May 10 Bond Proposal:

Approximately 65 – 70% of the LISD budget comes from Horseshoe Bay property owners. It is critical that HSB voters get out and support this bond proposal that will allow LISD to meet its current critical constructions needs.

May 10th is the date for the Bond Proposal Election

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