Below is a list of those with outstanding warrants issued out of Horseshoe Bay Municipal Judge Kevin Madison’s court. The judge had previously declared a 30-day amnesty for those who wished to come to court and make arrangements to pay their fines without fear of arrest. That time frame has passed and the Police Department is starting to make arrests on those with outstanding warrants. According to Chief Bill Lane, an all-out effort has begun to find those on the list by visits to their homes, places of work, and other locations where they may be discovered. Lane commented, “It will be embarrassing for the arrestee as well as concerning for the employer of anyone arrested and removed from the worksite therefore I would encourage those with outstanding warrants to either contact the court or turn themselves in to law enforcement. Those arrested on traffic stops will also likely have their vehicles impounded unless an immediately alternative is available.” The chief indicated that teams of officers will be visiting other area communities in search of violators, a process that began March 1st.

The chief further advised that those with outstanding warrants have had their driver’s licenses flagged by the Department of Public Safety and they will not be able to renew their license until they have resolved their issues with City Court. This also pertains to surrounding states which have a compact with the State of Texas to honor the driver’s license renewal agreement.
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