The flight winners in the MGA Four Man Team event at Slick Rock were (left to right):  Flight 3-Jim Shields, Larry Higdon, Darold Adami, and Phil Watts; Flight 1-Roy “MVP” Clements, Bob “Bomber” Stratton, Bruce Cherry, and Les Roper; Flight 4-Fred Van Osten, Neil Andrew, Jim Long, and Mario Solorio; and Flight 2-Rodney Teague, Charlie “Thunder” Thornton, Tim “Asterisk” Brown, and Don Liedtke.By Tom KundingerA record field of 128 golfers played in the MGA Four Man, Two Best Ball (early St. Pat’s Day) event at Slick Rock on Saturday, March 8. The 128 golfers broke the record of 112 golfers set just 3 weeks ago at Ram Rock, and is a record that is likely not to be broken. MGA President Geoff “Prez” Cromer, in an exclusive interview for the Beacon, stated “We limited the field to 32 foursomes, but we never thought we would reach the limit. We are thrilled by the support from the membership, and really thankful that all 128 guys showed up to play on a day that started with a light drizzle and temperatures in the low 50s.  And most of the guys wore green, though it was hard to tell under the rain jackets!”

The overall winners were the team of Charlie “Thunder” Thornton, Rodney Teague, Tim “Asterisk” Brown, and Don Liedtke, who shot an amazing 26-under par score of 118 to beat two other teams by a single stroke. Team captain Thunder said “We had someone make a key shot on almost every hole”. Asterisk added “There were a lot of great shots, but Rod hitting a 175 yard shot on hole 3 to within two feet of the pin, and making the putt for a net eagle, was a real highlight”.

An interesting feature of the tournament was the Green Ball “tournament within a tournament”

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