Derek Lewis runs away from a Cornhusker to complete one of the greatest pass plays in Texas football history. Courtesy: Univ. of Texas Athletics.By Art DlugachThe Llano High basketball boys are in the playoffs for the first since 1996. What in our world was going on, as the decade entered the first of its last four years en route to the new century?


Friends, Cosby, Home Improvement, and Beverly Hills 90210 were among the most-watched shows. DISH and ESPNNEWS made their debuts, along with Judge Judy and The O’Reilly Factor. I don’t know what happened to O’Reilly.

At the Movies

The English Patient won the Oscar for Best Picture of ’96. Geoffrey Rush in Shine was Best Actor, while Fargo’s Frances McDormand claimed the Best Actress statuette.

Leading men

In politics

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