Jerry Stone captured this photo of one member of our magnificent Llano eagle pair, who have returned to the same area for over ten years to hatch and raise their young.By Linda Lambert

It is a good thing our now famous Llano eagle pair never knew or cared what all the fuss was about a few years ago. The pair has been coming faithfully to the same area by the Llano River for over ten years to hatch and train their young. When the nest first came into view from the highway word spread and newspapers, including the Austin American Statesman, covered the story. The Texas Department of Transportation built a safe pull off area in response to the thousands of bird watchers that came as a result of the news blitz. This year the number of eagle watchers is a mere trickle in comparison to other years, according to Wildlife Technician Dale Schmidt of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Our weather the past few months hasn’t exactly inspired us to take outdoor excursions, but smaller crowds make this a great year to observe this phenomenon. This year’s hatch date was December 20, and the pair is raising two eaglets. They have begun to fledge, meaning to take test runs around the nest and see if they can buzz mom and dad. They will start taking longer flights in early March, and all four will likely be heading north sometime in April

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