Commissioners discussed the possibility of starting a Llano County Adopt-A-County Road Program at their regular bi-weekly meeting on Monday, February 10. The proposed program is similar to Texas’ Highway Adoption program, but would allow groups – families, organizations, etc. to volunteer to maintain two miles worth of county roadways by cleaning up litter along the right-of-ways.

Adopting highways began in Texas in 1985, and has since become a national and international program; the benefit has been a decrease in tax-dollars being used to clean up litter along the roads, and keeping them clean.

Details will still have to be worked out, including the funding of purchasing supplies such as vests, trash bags, and signage. The commissioners agreed it was a very good idea, and approved moving forward with finding more information on how to get started.

Discussion regarding the status of the water infusion project did not yield much new information. Basic Energy has begun paying the $1,500 per month lease, but the project has not yet gotten started. Representatives from Basic Energy told commissioners that they are waiting on permits to be secured, and once that happens, there is a six-month holding period to allow any surrounding landowners the opportunity to protest.

First Assistant County Attorney Linda Bayless requested reimbursement for the purchase of a service contract for her county-issued laptop

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