By Art DlugachAre you worried about how cold it will be in New Jersey for Sunday’s Super Bowl? I am, and I don’t care how much New York City, the state of NY, and Jersey deserve this game, or how much fun all the big-wigs will have in NYC, this is a ridiculous gamble.

I checked Sports Illustrated’s website, and four weather groups, January 27, had forecasts for February 2. The best was from the National Weather Service, which said 39 degrees for the high, no low given—but cheerleaders-in-skimpy outfits yelled at the warmly-dressed NWS officials, “The game begins at 6:30 EST!” That means darkness, which, to me, usually means it will be colder than the high. delivered the harshest potential: 30 for the high, 23 for the low, with snow, sleet, and freezing rain in the afternoon of the contest. Oh, what John Facenda could do with such frozen tundra.

The other two organizations predicted high 30s and lower-than mid-20s.

Why do things have to change? This is the biggest NFL game of the season, unless you count a couple of those “defeats from the jaws of victory” by the Cowboys and any of the 14 consecutive setbacks by the Texans. So, if it’s such a big deal, why leave Pasadena, or Florida, or Arizona, where they tell me the climate’s pretty decent 361 days a year. Gosh, those aerial views of the Rose Bowl are to die for!

And those cities with covered stadiums would love to have the NFL visit again

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