By Terry DukesOur children now live at the eastern end of FM 1431 in Cedar Park. I can hear you groaning and I agree, the road through the Balcones Wildlife Refuge to Lago Vista is one of the windiest, narrowest (in places) roads in this area. The highway can try your patience and your religion at times, especially when driving behind a slow moving truck that is impossible to see around. In that case, my advice is to sit tight and enjoy the view.

Two weeks ago, while traveling this route, an unfamiliar sight appeared in the valleys around Smithwick. The air looked like a bonafide west Texas dust storm, but it wasn’t dust. It was cedar pollen, the evidence of trees having sex. With the way the wind was blowing, Brady trees were attempting to pollinate Austin trees. Small explosions by the male trees looked like smoke, wafting through the low lying areas. Some people confused the pollen with a smoldering fire and were calling 911

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