Boomer Sooner must have been a happy guy—in Stillwater and in New Orleans.By Art DlugachIf I watch another first half of a football game again, send me to a Burnet pep rally; make me eat beets; put salt in my ice cream; toss water on my hopscotch layout; throw ink on my Tiger Woods photos; make me wake up to discover three additional books—the first one, To Kill a Mockingjay—have doubled the Hunger Games trilogy—we have to follow Katniss till she’s 97, participating in her 17th Super Senior Not-as- Hungry Games.

Here’s what we’ve been through: Florida State was down 21-3 in the first half before winning the national title over Auburn, 34-31. “Has Brent said he would be back with the third quarter yet, dear?”

The Baylor Bears, playing miserably, tease us with a 28-28, third-quarter tie before losing by 10 in the Fiesta Bowl. The Bears get beat by a bunch of Florida State wannabes called Central Florida, and I eat three bags of Tostitos. Could have been a bag and a half.

My plan is to organize a group which demands second- half tickets. Half price? Of course. You think we should pay the whole bill for a mere two hours of entertainment?

Stanford was in front of Michigan State, 17-14, at intermission, and it was 17-17 after three quarters. The Spartans won, 24-20, in the 100th Rose Bowl

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